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Livestock Containers

A Tristar livestock container can be manufactured from 10ft - 45ft long with up to four decks for sheep and two for cattle. Our designs have come from years of experience in livestock haulage together with taking note of our customers' needs.

Livestock containers can be built to fit on a new or existing platform. The luton over the cab is optional, but it offers extra space for approximately 10 sheep, and enhances the appearance of the vehicle. However it can create problems if the container is later required to be fitted onto another chassis if the cab size is different.

Construction and Design.

Basic Cattle/Sheep Container:

Aluminium channel upright and cantrail construction, aluminium folding decks, floor and tailboard. Hardwood ramp and loading gates, two inspection doors, parting gates with integral doors. Steelwork painted, aluminium left natural.

Basic Cattle Container:

Slam shut separating door, one live of open vents under roof line on each side.

Container Designed For Ferry Operation:

Includes 4' headroom and 40% ventilation. Steel-framed Basic Cattle/Sheep Container:- Complete with sheep decks etc, but with a steel frame.

Tristar sheep decks are constructed from 4.5mm aluminium tread plate in 4' multiples. Each deck has a second fold as we strongly believe that the deck should not cover the vents when in the stow away position.

The parting gates are manufactured from steel box section with aluminium sheeting and incorporate a small inspection door. The separating gates for the upper deck are hinged from the roof, the bottom ones being hinged from the side. 

Aluminium floor is standard fitting. Ramps are steel-framed with 6mm aluminium tread plate and aluminium grips. The loading gates are manufactured from Keruing hardwood or aluminium ramp gate material.

Livestock Trailers:

New livestock trailers for tractor towing, complete with hydraulic brakes, lights etc. Similar to the containers that we build onto commercial vehicles. However, no plating, tachograph, operator's licence, HGV driver's licence or expensive vehicle excise duty required.

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