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Living Accommodation

Horsebox LivingIf you compete regularly you will probably appreciate the need for a living area in your horsebox. The function of this space can vary enormously. You might simply need an area to change in and carry the tack, or require a basic day living so you can make a cup of coffee and have somewhere to sit. Alternatively it may be useful to use the horsebox as a luxury mobile home for overnight trips.

Tristar can accommodate any of these requirements bybuilding exactly to your specification. We have standard designs that work well, but we are very happy to discuss your ideas to make an individual layout.

Horsebox LivingSpecifications

Basic Division

Consists of a separate area for storage and changing, a full height dividing partition complete with a door to the horse area built into the box. Large windows can also be fitted.

Lined, Unfitted Living

If you would like to have a living area, but are keen to fit it out yourself we can provide an unfitted space for you to complete. The walls and roof have 25mm polystyrene for insulation with the roof finished in 1.6mm white faced aluminium. The walls are lined with 12mm plywood with a carpet finish. The floor is constructed with 25mm timber covered with a laminate wooden flooring.

Fitted Living

Basic livingA Tristar basic fitted living provides an adequate space to accommodate you during the day and perhaps the occasional overnight stay. Included is a kitchen area with two-ring gas hob and grill, and asink/drainer with a cold water tap supplied by an electric pump. There is also bench seating with storageprovision beneath and adequate base and wall cupboards. However, any extras you require can be fitted on request.

Deluxe Living

HorseBox LivingIf you spend a lot of time in the living area,perhaps staying overnight on a regular basis, youshould consider the Tristar deluxe living. This includes the finishing touches that will make your stay more comfortable. The seating area Shower Toilet Roomcomes complete with deluxe upholstery and a removable pedestal table. The are good quality curtains or blinds on the windows and the crawl through access to the cab. The kitchen contains a fridge, fullsized cooker (in a choice of colours) with four burners, grill and oven, and a sink/drainer with hotand cold water.Also included for your comfort are a microwave, TV/Video,Stereo CDplayer, room heater and wardrobe.In an 8' plus living area there is also a toiletcompartment complete with a shower, cassette toilet and vanity unit. A CCTV allows you to keep an eye on the horses while in transit and also aids reversing.

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