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Coach Built Smooth Sided HorseboxesCoach Built Horseboxes

The modern sleek look of a coach built smooth sided horsebox makes this design of container very popular. The smooth exterior panels enable the paint finish to be used to create different designs; thus providing a really individual box. Apart from that smart look, an advantage of this type of Tristar construction is that it is insulated throughout, thus adding to the comfort of the horse area.

Construction and Design

Smooth Sided HorseboxesTristar smooth sided horseboxes are built from a 50 x 25 x 2.5mm steel frame with aluminium sheeting on the outside. The sides and the roof are insulated with 25mm polystyrene. This is covered with 12mm plywood then 12mm STOKBOARD up to 4' and 1.6mm white faced aluminium above this and on the roof. The floor is constructed with 50mm thick tanalised timber.

The luton over the cab is designed to allow the cab to be tilted for ease of access to the engine.

Opening windows are fitted along the top of both sides; the larger ones by the heads complete with protection bars. The 6' grooms door is position on the nearside of the vehicle.

smooth sided jorseboxesThe partitions are fully adjustable, with telescopic fastenings so they can be positioned at different angles or widths to suit your needs. Our usual design has a built-in head divider and is half-height solid with a rubber skirt to allow for the horses' legs to be spread for built horseboxes

The ramp has industrial carpet and grip rods or rubber matting as standard with a choice of smooth loading doors or wicket type gates.

The price for the standard smooth sided box includes the complete painting in a non-metallic colour design of your choice. It is fitted with skirting all round; which contains storage boxes wherever possible, and fold down steps.


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